5 Home Security Hacks to Protect Your Harris County GA Home

December 21, 2017

5 Home Security Hacks to Protect Your Harris County GA Home

Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend a million dollars to keep your home secure. There are plenty of cost effective home security hacks that you can adopt in order to keep criminal activity far from your property. If you are concerned about the safety of your Harris County GA home, these are the hacks that you should consider adopting right away.

Never Keep Your House Keys in an Obvious Spot

One of the smartest things you can do to protect your Harris County GA home is to vary the spots where you hide your house keys. Don’t do the obvious things, such as keeping them under the doormat or under a piece of fake doggie doo. Criminals have long caught on to these clichéd maneuvers and are waiting to see if you are still making use of them. The smartest way to hide your keys is in a place more than 50 feet away from your home or in a specially coded key vault that no one but you knows the combination for.

Keep Plenty of Inconveniently Large Plants Underneath Your Windows

If you really want to make a criminal’s life hard, make sure to keep plenty of inconveniently large plants beneath the windows of your home. Large plants, such as thistles, bougainvillea, and rugosa roses are the perfect natural barriers. Keeping large live specimens of these plants underneath your windows will give criminals serious pause for thought and reconsideration.

One of the Best Home Security Hacks is to Get a Dog

One of the very best home security hacks you can make use of is always one of the most obvious. However, this is one that many criminals still have no effective response to. Get a dog! Let Fido earn his keep by making your home off limits to criminals. The sound of a dog barking loud enough to wake up the owner of the home and all of the neighbors is still more than enough to send a potential home invader scurrying away to find a less well-protected target.

Light Up the Area Inside and Around Your Home

Most criminals prefer to work in the dark. It’s part of their basic strategy. But if you keep the lights on inside and around your home when you aren’t there, you’ll be taking away the shade and cover that crooks need for doing their illegal activity. You can install lights on a timer to shine brightly all around your property so that you can save precious energy and money. You can also use smart lights that can be controlled via your smartphone.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden and Locked Away

Even when the doors are locked and the blinds are completely drawn, you may still need a little more protection for your valuables. The best way to achieve this superior level of protection is to keep your valuables locked up. You can make use of special safes to hide your most valuable items, such as jewelry and other keepsakes. Meanwhile, you can keep the rest of your stuff, such as fine wines, in special cabinets under lock and key. If you really want to keep your home safe, it’s best to lock it up, inside and out.


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