4 Great Places to Get Married in Harris County, GA

February 05, 2015


The beautiful scenery of Harris County, GA is one of the many reasons why I’ve called the area home and why I get excited to show off listings as a real estate agent.

Buying a home is the most important purchase you’ll make as an adult. Today, I’d like to discuss one of your most important days as an adult: your wedding.

Wedding season spans from April to October. The warm weather brings out of the best in the outdoors. The Spring and Summer brings a renewed fresh air and color. And there’s no better backdrop than Harris County, GA for your perfect day.

So you’ve got your marriage license from the Harris County Probate Court. Now, where should you tie the knot?


Sweet Home Plantation is a 100 acre wedding and event space in Pine Mountain. The area is in particular demand for their uniquely Southern style garden weddings.

The Sweet Home itself was built in 1840, and is 4200 square feet. There is also a log cabin finished in 1827 on the property.

If you want to have your dream Southern wedding, complete with antiques and charm we come to associate with the area, this is certainly the place. Just take a look at their photo gallery.


Like the Sweet Home, Butts Mills Farm is an event space from another era. Built in 1830, the farm has a unique history. The Butts Mills family purchased the farm in 1900 and ran the farm until the great flood of the 1940s.

The space sat unused for the next 50 years, until it was bought and restored to its original setting by its new owners, Neil and Trish Liechty.

The farm today provides a beautiful outdoor scenery that will lighten up any wedding occasion.


The Callaway Gardens are another picturesque, Harris County, GA location for your wedding day. The draw for Callaway Gardens rests in its name: the beautiful, garden backdrop.

The Gardens features several venues, including a 16th century inspired stone chapel, a horticultural center, and an azalea bowl. Their wedding menu consists of locally grown, environmentally sustainable meals.

They also have three motels on the property for your out of state guests to stay in. The Callaway Gardens truly takes care of all your wedding needs.


Carriage & Horses Restaurant bills itself as “A Place of Heaven on Earth”. And judging from their elegant photo gallery, they are certainly onto something.

The restaurant takes on the feel of a Victorian era home, and when not having weddings, is used as a unique, international fine dining experience. Clearly, the staff of nine years is well versed to putting on classy, upscale events with the utmost care.


Where in Harris County, GA did you get married? What was your experience with the Southern backdrop? Tell me your stories at 706.662.0125, or email me today! And make sure to check out my available listings in Harris County, GA.

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