4 Outside Home Lighting Ideas to Improve Nighttime Curb Appeal

April 27, 2018

4 Outside Home Lighting Ideas to Improve Nighttime Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting can make a night and day difference in your home’s nighttime curb appeal. Besides adding beauty, lighting adds security, as it eliminates heavily shadowed areas where an intruder might hide. What kind of outside home lighting ideas can help your home look its best any time of day or night? Here are some suggestions.

1.         Start with the Basics

Spend time thinking about how you use your outdoor space. If you have guests often or frequently arrive home after dark, lighting driveways and walkways should be a priority. If your property has unique features like a waterfall or fountain, choose a light fixture that will highlight those. Entryways and doors should always be lit for convenience.


Remember to think about the whole property, not just the house itself. Create an overall plan with a flow and a focal point that puts the whole property in its best light. Also, uplighting trees can add a lot of character to property with just a little effort.

2. Consider All Your Options

You could use down lighting, uplighting, or cross lighting, and each one would bring a unique feel to your property. Downlighting involves mounting lights, usually in trees, and it feels like moonlight. This mitigates shadows and creates a soft, natural feel around your property. Uplighting highlights certain features like trees or plants by pointing a light from the ground at the object. Cross lighting can cover a wide area and remove almost all shadows.

3. Think Practically and Creatively

It is important to think about your property specifically and showcase your assets. Less is often more when it comes to pathway lighting. Space out your fixtures to avoid the impression of a runway or lines of identical soldiers standing at attention. Instead, get creative and use multiple different types of fixtures.


Use warm and cool lighting. Moonlighting typically uses cooler lighting, while warm lighting looks more like a candle or fireplace. Installing a combination of these can create a unique atmosphere and highlight the warm lights by contrast. It’s a good idea to install a timer for your lights. Set it so they come on gradually as the natural light fades and go off again around midnight, when people won’t be coming and going anymore. Remember, these lights are generally not for security.

4. Avoid Common Mistakes

Avoid bright lights at eye level. If you choose to add lights near outdoor seating, test the fixtures while sitting down as well as standing up. It seems like common sense, but a lovely summer night outside will be significantly less lovely if you are blinded by a light in a nearby tree.


Don’t forget about shadows. Shadows will be created when you add lighting, and they can be as dramatic and impressive as the light. Test the lighting and make sure the shadows fall well, in a way that highlight or hide the features of your house that you prefer.


These outside home lighting ideas can add significantly to the nighttime curbside appeal of your property. Done well, lighting gives your home a distinct atmosphere that makes it your own, whether it’s night or day. If you are thinking about selling your Harris County home, contact us today for more tips about maximizing your property’s appeal and value through lighting and more.


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