4 Tips to Prepare Your House for the Harris County, GA Market

December 12, 2014


If you ever moved from one home to another, you know the amount of work involved in the process. From packing to changing your mailing address, there are host of details, both large and small, that you absolutely must take care of.

My goal today is to break down some important steps to prepare you for putting your house on the market in Harris County, GA, and make your moving process a little less stressful.


The most important part of preparing your house for the market is getting into the mindset of selling your home. This is difficult because we all have memories and hold dear the personal details that made our home a place we spend our lives. But remember – you are trying to sell a home.

The advice many professionals have in this matter is to de-clutter and de-personalize your home. This means removing all your personal belongings and make the home as generic as possible. This is especially important in the kitchen area.

In short, you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.


Curb appeal is the reaction that your home gets when perspective buyers look at from the outside. Buyers usually look for a cleanliness, so trimming the garden, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the exterior should be on your list of market prepping activities.

Emphasizing curb appeal can literally pay off, as some real estate agents say that simply washing the exterior of your home can add $10,000 to $15,000 to the final sale price.

And while you can’t put a price on how much a mowed lawn or new blinds will add to a home’s value, keep in mind that it will be the first thing that a perspective buyer sees. And as the old saying goes, first impressions last forever.


There’s no magic potion to successfully selling your home. But staging your home can dramatically increase the odds that it will get sold. And after you de-clutter and clean your home’s exterior, the next step will be showing it to the public.

Don’t just take my word for it. According to a study done by the Real Estate Staging Association that tracked 359 houses that were staged before they hit the market, they received offers within 26 days on average. And not only that, the study also found that home owners can save $4000 by staging a home before it hits the market.


Take it from first hand accounts to give yourself more time to prepare your home than you think you need. Most people don’t realize the amount of things they have, from books, clothes, kitchen appliances, and beyond.

Most people also underestimate the work that goes into small projects like repairing dents or repainting walls. All these may seem like little projects – but little projects add up with time.


Do you need personal advice on preparing your home for the housing market? Are you looking for a home in the Harris County, GA area? Contact me at 706.662.0125, or email me today!


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