4 Useful Tips for Selling Undeveloped Land in Harris County GA

February 02, 2018

4 Useful Tips for Selling Undeveloped Land in Harris County GA

When it comes to selling undeveloped land in Harris County GA, you’ve got to proceed wisely. It’s ideal to move forward with the help of a real estate agent. This isn’t the same kind of quick and easy sale that you could arrange for a fully developed property with a high value home sitting on top of it. The thing to keep in mind is that you are selling this undeveloped property based on its future potential. The person who buys your property needs to be convinced that it is well worth the time and effort they will have to invest in order to turn it into something that will one day yield them a significant return. It’s up to you to do the convincing.

Make Sure the Land is in a Fully Presentable State

Imagination is a wonderful thing, but no one wants to be forced to imagine a million dollar property based on the site of a weed-covered patch of scrub land. Before you start showing the property to potential buyers, make sure that the land is in decently presentable shape. Get it cleared of weeds, branches, and other debris. Have the property mowed. Clear all the trash off the lot. When it comes time to take photos that you can feature in your listing, make sure that you choose the ones that present the property in the most attractive light.

Always Be Sure to Choose Your Price Carefully

Another important detail to keep in mind when selling undeveloped land in Harris County GA is to choose your price as carefully as possible. The actual value of the land may be one thing, but the highest price you can hope to charge may be another. There are many factors that will affect the price you are ultimately able to ask. These may include the actual state of the land, the value of other properties in the area, and land properties throughout the entire state. The purpose that a potential buyer may use the land for will also affect what they are willing to pay for it.

Don’t Settle for Using a Standard “For Sale” Sign

Never settle for advertising your property with a standard “for sale” sign. Nowadays, you can get a fully customized sign that includes important details such as your contact info and some of the most important features of the property. This way, you can get offers from people who haven’t seen your listing on the web at all but were simply walking or driving through the area. The more of these offers you get, the wider your pool of potential buyers will be. Of course, our for sale signs at John Bunn Realty really stand out and we have a reputable and trusted real estate brand in Harris County GA.

List the Property on the Web to Maximize Your Offers

Perhaps the most important thing you should do when selling undeveloped land in Harris County GA is to use the power of the world wide web to maximize the number of offers you receive. Listing the property with John Bunn Realty on the web and other platforms is the best way to make sure that you get lots of offers from the widest possible range of interested parties. If you have any questions concerning how to list your property, contact us today. We can help you secure the offer that is best for you.

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