6 Tips for Traveling in Harris County GA

September 03, 2015

Our city is full of many wonderful attractions, but traveling in Harris County GA can be a little tricky if you’re not prepared for it. There are so many things to do here and we want to make sure your travels are as stress-free as possible. Below are six tips that will make traveling in Harris County GA easier and more enjoyable.  

Pack Lightly

The number one tip for traveling in Harris County GA is to pack lightly. Harris County features numerous hiking trails and attractions, so it’s best to pack only what you need. I recommend packing no more than one bag per person, especially when going hiking. The hiking trails in Harris County stretch for miles and the journey will be tough if you’re carrying more than one bag. For hiking you should pack: an extra pair of lightweight clothes, sunscreen, a flashlight, first-aid kit, a hat to protect yourself from the sun, and an umbrella in case of rain. Also, don’t forget to bring a refillable water bottle and snacks for when hunger strikes.  

Wake up Early

Waking up early is a great tip for traveling in general. The saying “The Early Bird Gets the Worm” is something you should definitely live by. This traveling tip is gold, especially if you’re planning on going to an amusement park. If you want to avoid waiting in long lines, try arriving at your destination by sunrise. Not only will you be first in line, but you’ll be able to evade the scorching Georgia heat. Early morning is also the perfect time to take family vacation photos as the soft morning light will make everyone look better.

Interact with Other People

Some say it’s the people you’re with, not the place, that makes the experience and I couldn’t agree more. Interacting with others will enhance your traveling experience, because you get the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. Harris County is home to many popular attractions such as Pine Mountain, Callaway Gardens and the historic F.D. Roosevelt State Park, so it’s not surprising that we get visitors from different parts of the globe. It’s not that hard to start chatting with someone; all it takes is a little initiative, a smile or a wave to spark up a great conversation.

Enjoy the Moment

Another great tip for traveling in Harris County GA is to take your time when visiting attractions. Don’t plan too many activities; it’ll only stress you out if you don’t get everything done. The best thing to do is to plan only two or three activities that you really want to do and leave the rest up to chance. If you’re too strict on following your itinerary, then you will miss out on enjoying the moment.

DSC_0754Take Lots of Pictures

Always take pictures. Pictures are great for cherishing precious family moments and they don’t take up any physical space. You can use your phone or camera, just make sure to charge them before you head out or pack extra batteries. If you forget your camera or are out of storage, you may be able to find disposable cameras at local stores. Pictures are the best souvenirs, but don’t spend all your time behind the camera or else you’ll miss out on the fun.

Try the Food

When visiting any Harris County city you must indulge in the different flavors our towns have to offer. Whether you’re visiting an attraction or dining at a restaurant, we encourage you to order something you’ve never had. You never know, you just might like it! Harris County is home to some of the most diverse restaurants in Georgia and you’ll be sorry if you don’t try them out. You can read about some of my favorite restaurants in Harris County GA here.

Planning a trip to Harris County? Contact us for more traveling tips that will help make your Harris County trip one to remember.

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