Check Please! John Bunn’s 3 Go-To Places for Burgers and Steaks in Harris County, GA

December 19, 2014

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Harris County, GA is known for a lot of things, from good schools to its beautiful scenery. But I want to focus on one of my favorite things about the area: the food. And more specifically, hamburgers and steaks.

A great food scene is important to the quality of life here in Harris County, GA. And burgers and fries, or a steak at one of the great steakhouses in town, is a classic Georgia meal.

I’ve picked out three places I’d recommend anyone, whether you’ve just moved here, or are thinking about moving, to check out.


Hunter’s Pub in Hamilton calls itself the “Best Lil Steakhouse in Georgia”. It’s a bold claim, but I wouldn’t be the only customer who agreed. Just take a look at the customer reviews.

As their website explains, Hunter’s Pub is a no frills place that serves quality Southern food with the added Southern hospitality. This roadside restaurant may seem modest, but their steak is on par with any in the state.

11269 HWY 219, Hamilton, GA, 31811


Aspen’s Mountain Grill in Pine Mountain some of the best burgers in town. And like Hunter’s Pub, the online reviews are unanimous in their praise, was high recommendations for their bleu cheese and onion burger.

Aspen’s location near a Georgia cabin community adds to the rustic atmosphere of the setting. This is a true, Harris County, GA food experience.

Aspen’s also maintains an active Facebook page where they post updates of dinner specials and new beer on tap, adding a personal touch.

5300 HWY 354, Pine Mountain, GA 31822



Mark’s City Grill is a great restaurant Columbus, GA for Southern food staples. They have a variety of burgers and steaks on their menu that will make your mouth water. But Mark’s also serves a lot of plates and dishes that the South is known for. Just take a look at their shrimp and grits plate.

Mark’s regularly updates their Facebook page with a variety of lunch and dinner specials, from tenderloin sandwiches, to pork cutlets, to grilled amberjack.

If you find yourself looking for a meal in Columbus, GA, there’s only one place to go.

7160 Moon Road, Columbus, GA 31909


That’s just three of my favorite places in Harris County, GA and Columbus, GA to go to for a great steak or a hamburger. But there are a lot of great places in town to find all kinds of meals!


What are your favorite places to get a burger? I’ll write more articles about more of my favorite places around town in the future, so keep checking back to the blog.



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