Fourth of July Story

June 30, 2014

Fourth of July - Korean War


A story told many times to me by my father and told many times by others at our family reunions; this year it is worth repeating for the Fourth of July.

My father Master Sergeant Edward Bunn in 1951 was in Korea serving in the US Army. He was assigned to Company I, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. 

Around April 25, 1951 his company was located near Tongmang-ni, Korea engaged a numerically superior force. I remember my father talking about enemy bullets going by and sounding like bees.

One of my fathers soldiers PFC Charles Gilliland was doing a great job with his 50 caliber pouring steady fire at the North Koreans & Chinese as they attacked their position. My father indicated that the assault got stronger and Gilliland’s assistant was killed and Gilliland continued to experience the brunt of the attack, nevertheless he slowed the onslaught.

It was reported by my dad, that during the attack two enemy soldiers escaped his raking fire and infiltrated the sector. He left the cover of his foxhole, overtook them both with his pistol. Gilliland during this action experienced a severe head wound, however, he refused medical treatment.

Because of the huge enemy force and its increasing strength my father received orders to pull back. Gilliland volunteered to remain behind to cover the with draw. This act of bravery was way beyond the call of duty.

On this 4th of July I want to acknowledge my father for serving his country and the courage he showed me as a US Army Infantry soldier, but most of all I want to honor Charles Gilliland for probably saving my fathers life.

My father Edward Bunn recommended the Congressional Medial Of Honor for Gilliland who gave the ultimate sacrifice his life for his country.
Charles L Gilliland on 11 January1955 was awarded the CMH posthumous.

by John Bunn 5-25-2014

Credits: Edward G Bunn
Members of Bunn family

Photo credit: Public domain via Flickr Creative Commons

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