Getting an Education: A Guide to the Harris County School District and Beyond

April 10, 2015



The quality of a school district is one of the most important details that buyers look for when deciding to purchase a home in Harris County, GA.

The numbers certainly back this up. According to a 2014 research study by the National Association of REALTORS, 29% of homebuyers listed school quality, and 22% listed the proximity of their new home to a good school district as a reason for purchasing their home.

The search for a home in a good school district translates into tangible dollars. A study from Redfin found that a home in a desirable school district cost up to $50 more per square foot. 1 out of 3 prospective homebuyers would buy a smaller property in order to enroll their children into a better school.

In addition to the obvious advantage of getting your kids a better education, a good school district ensures that a home holds its value even during a recession. During the real estate crash of 2007, there was a $100,000 difference in San Francisco home prices depending on the school district.

With these prices and percentages, you could even make the point that a school district is the biggest underlying trait that influences the price of a home.

Luckily for homebuyers, Harris County, GA has a high quality school district featuring schools from elementary to high school and beyond.


The Harris County School District serves roughly 4500 students, spread over four middle schools, one middle school, and one high school. Its mission statement is broken down into six principles that emphasize community and student learning through projects and real world experiences.

In 2010, the school district adopted a new set of state requirements called the College and Career Ready Georgia Performance Standards. The new set of standards focused on changing expectations for success in both college and the real world.

As the sole high school in the county, Harris County High School has an enrollment of over 1500 students. The school ranks in the 83% for English proficiency and 77% in math proficiency when graded on a college scale.

The school’s graduation rate of 89% also ranks much higher than Georgia’s state average of 66%.


The University of Georgia has an extension in Harris County, GA dedicated to research and education in the field of agriculture.

This education program is mainly aimed towards kids from ages 9-19 and features a 4-H development program focused on hands on agricultural learning.


Columbus State University is the largest university in the area with over 8,000 undergrad and graduate students. Located in midtown, the college takes up over 132 acres of prime downtown territory.

Columbus State is especially known for the D. Abbott Turner College of Business and Schwob School of Music, both of which have won national acclaim.

From elementary school to graduate school, Harris County, GA has a complete education. What are your experiences with the Harris County School District, and how has it influenced where you live? Call me at 706.662.0125, or email me today! And be sure to check out my available listings in Harris County, GA for Waddell Realty.

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