A Guide to Summer in Harris County, GA

May 19, 2015

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy this summer in and around Harris County, GA. From golf to hiking, kayaking to hunting, there’s something to do every day – no matter what your passion is.

An easy way to keep track of happenings is to look at a calendar like the one located on the Harris County, GA website. In addition to events, they also provide a list of recreation facilities from and parks that provide fun for the whole family.


The Cannon Brewpub and Chattahoochee Brewing Company are two of the best brewpubs around Harris County, GA. And nothing is better than a cold beer on a humid, Southern day.

Located on the Chattahoochee River, the Chattahoochee Brewing Company features live music in addition to locally crafted beer (check out their Instagram account for updates). With a combination of beer and music, make this brewpub your summer destination.


Speaking of the Chattahoochee River, the Whitewater Express in Columbus offers the longest urban whitewater rafting course in the country. Don’t be turned off if you’ve never been whitewater rafting before – they offer courses for all skill levels and varying difficulties of rapids.

Plus, with affordable group rates, this is a great activity for an adventurous family.


From Callaway Gardens to Maple Ridge Golf Club, we previously highlighted our favorite golf courses around the area. The courses range in diversity, from exclusive courses played by PGA pros to public courses. Regardless of the exclusivity, you get to enjoy both the beautiful, summer scenery with a round of golf.

For families with kids, the Fore Kids golf program offers a youth focused summer camp. It’s a great way to keep kids active and off the couch, all while learning the fundamentals of a game they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.


Callaway Gardens may be the top destination in the Harris County, GA area. From golf, to music shows, to weddings, to the view, Callaway Gardens has something for everyone.

Bookmark the Callaway Gardens blog to receive updates on special events. An 80’s dance party? A Travis Tritt concert? A wakeboarding tournament? Callaway Gardens has that, and much, much more.


There’s nothing like a hike to get back in tune with nature. Especially with the scenery in Harris County, GA.

With over 40 miles of hiking, including a 23 mile Pine Mountain Trail, the F.D. Roosevelt State Park is the area’s premier hiking destination. On top of that, they have various activities ranging from camp clean ups to farmer’s markets to educational series’, making this site a destination for the whole family.

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