Helpful John: Exploring Youth Sports in Harris County GA

January 12, 2018

Helpful John: Exploring Youth Sports in Harris County GA

Are you looking for a great way to teach your kids about the values of teamwork and responsibility? If so, involving them in sports is an excellent idea. There are plenty of venues for youth sports in Harris County GA that you can turn to in order to give your kid(s) a safe, healthy means of expressing themselves. What follows is a quick rundown of some of the best youth sports programs in Harris County.

How to Learn About Youth Sports in Harris County GA

The best way to learn about youth sports in Harris County GA is to visit the official Harris County Recreation Department website. Here you can learn more about the various programs that are available. You can get all of the relevant info concerning their location, contact information, and other important details.

Harris County is a Great Place for Your Kids to Play Football

Football has long been one of the most popular sports for young people to get involved in. You can sign your kids up for a wide variety of football programs that serve the needs of children of every age and level of experience. There are teams for girls and boys, as well as special co-ed programs. For more info, please contact the County Community Center at 7509 GA Hwy 116 Hamilton, GA. You can also call 706-488-0000 or log on to their official website.

Harris County Has a Vibrant Youth Soccer Scene

If your kids have a passion for soccer, you can easily meet their needs. It won’t take long to get them enrolled in the Harris County Soccer program. There are a number of teams for both girls and boys to join. You can find more info on the Harris County Soccer program at their official website. You can contact them with questions at their official Facebook page.

If Your Kids Love Baseball, Harris County is the Place to Play

Baseball is America’s national pastime. If your little ones are hankering to get out on the field, you can satisfy their desire for some hardball right here in Harris County. The Harris County Little League has plenty of openings. You can find out all of the latest info concerning their A ball, B ball, C ball, and T ball teams by visiting the official Harris County Little League website. There are also special Minor Girls and Girls Pitch teams so that your boys won’t be the only ones getting in on the action.

Harris County Basketball Will Have Your Kids Jumping for Joy

If your kids are more interested in basketball than any other sport, there’s a great new way to give them the outlet they need. The Harris County Basketball League is currently taking applications for the winter season on its official website. There is a registration fee of $35. It should be noted that this fee does not include the price of the uniform. You can contact the HCBA directly at its official website for more info.

Where Can You Find Info on Other Youth Sports Programs?

If your kids are interested in other types of sports, such as tennis, track and field, etc., you can contact the Harris County Recreation Department for further details. No matter what their passion may be, you can find a way to help them enjoy it.

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