Your Home for Sale: Home Staging 101

October 23, 2015

Home staging is absolutely worth every penny in the home selling process. Some people can walk through an empty house and see the home’s potential, but there are others who need help envisioning themselves in a home and the best way to help them is through staging. According to the University of Alabama, 65 percent of people are visualizers and need visuals to help them learn, think, and organize ideas. This means that if 10 people tour your home, 6 out of the 10 people will need to see a furnished home. But not just any old furnishings will do. Don’t use that sofa you had back in college, the one that all of your fraternity brothers slept on or the couch that your great-grandmother left you in her will. You will definitely need to use updated furnishings.

Don’t let home staging hurt your pockets, if you don’t have the extra funds try covering your old sofa and dining chairs with neutral slipcovers, pick up a few cans of neutral paint, and add throw pillows, greenery and art for pops of color. You can do this on a tight budget. Another simple home staging tip is to make sure that each room or area is clearly defined, no living room/playroom or office/closet. When it comes to staging your humble abode it’s not all about the furniture, it’s about emphasizing the strengths of your home. Highlight focal points, maximize your lighting, and position furniture to make rooms appear larger. You can tackle this task on your own, but if you find yourself to be a bit decoratively challenged, then you should consider hiring a company to do the staging for you.

Staging your home is a great way to increase its appeal to potential buyers, and help it fly off the market, but don’t forget you will also need an experienced real estate agent to help you along the way. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you along your home selling process.

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