How to Find the Perfect Hunting Property in Harris County, GA

February 23, 2015



In addition to beautiful places to get married and great breweries, Harris County, GA is known for its vast, open land. According to the latest U.S. census bureau, the area has a total of 473 square miles – 464 square miles of land, and 9.1 square miles of water.

This combination of diverse terrain makes for prime hunting location, especially for deer and turkey.


Not every large plot of land makes for a good hunting location. As with other aspects of real estate, location matters. Take into consideration distance to other hunting locations, your neighbors, and the access and control you’ll have to your land.

The most important aspect of a good hunting location is the reputation of the county you’ll purchase land in. How do neighbors encourage, or discourage wildlife in the area? The quality of your hunting experience is related to how tolerant your neighbors are of existing wildlife.

Luckily, as we’ll get to below, Harris County, GA is highly thought of within the hunting world.

As for how many acres your property should be, there’s no set minimum or maximum size in order to enjoy your hunting experience. As you’ll see below, there’s other details to consider than overall size of land.


In drawing more similarities between purchasing a home and a hunting location, curb appeal matters. You want land with a lot of habitat (75 percent of timber cover is a good number to go by). As for looks, nasty wood can attract locusts which takes away from the value of your property.

Look at the number of access points to your property. Most hunting locations are only access by dirt roads. This also lessens the value of a property, especially since rains mean the road will be flooded and thus your land will be inaccessible.

And avoid land locked properties.


Finally, think of your purchase in terms of minimizing negative experiences.

Your neighbors constantly trespassing into your land, and you having to register complaints takes away from the enjoyment of owning your land, for example.

Not being able to access your property due to flooded dirt roads is another negative.

But with research, focusing on the right details, and the right real estate agent like John Bunn, buying your own hunting property can be a dream purchase.


Harris County, GA is famous for the size of its deer, including having a reputation as a place for trophy animals. The area also has bucks that made the Boone and Crockett Club record list.

In short, Harris County is the perfect place for your own hunting property.

It’s important to know the rules and regulations of hunting season in Georgia. Deer hunting with archery begins in mid-September with antlered bucks with four points on either side legal until the end of January. Turkey season lasts from March to May, with a limit of three per person.


From 89 acres in Hamilton, to 109 acres in Waverly Hall, John Bunn has several listings available in prime hunting locations. Call me at 706.662.0125, or email me today! And check out more of my available listings in Harris County, GA for Waddell Realty.

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