How To Use Social Media to Sell a Home

October 16, 2015

Of course you wouldn’t post a few pictures of your home on Facebook with a “For Sale” caption and call it a day. Using social media to sell a home is just one way to market your home; it cannot replace real estate agents and tried and true methods of selling real estate. It isn’t the be all and end all to home selling, but it is becoming more and more effective. 

So you’re probably wondering which social media networks would be most effective. Well, today I’ll focus on Facebook. The main purpose of Facebook used to be connecting with old friends and college buddies, but today it’s used for almost any and everything. Using it for real estate purposes not only allows you to connect with potential buyers in Harris County, but you will be able to connect with people in other counties and even other states who may be looking to relocate to the area. The power of the Like and Share buttons is real. And you never know who is looking to move to one of our beautiful areas in Harris County, Ga. 

As easy as social media is, using social media to sell a home requires a strategy. As previously stated, you can’t just upload pictures to Facebook and sit back and wait for the offers to start rolling in. It’s not that simple. You’ll need a social media-friendly real estate agent to help you create a strategy for each network. You don’t want to use a one-size-fits-all approach, Facebook is different from Instagram, and Instagram is different from YouTube, and so on. Let me and my team assist you; contact us today to help you create a social media strategy that will aid in your home selling process.

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