Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Will increase Your Home’s Value

January 26, 2018

Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Will increase Your Home’s Value

A kitchen is the hub of your home because it is the room that is most used. It’s the central location for gathering whether that be for meals, homework, cooking, hosting cocktail parties or just hanging out. When selling your home, you want to keep in mind what draws a homebuyer to a home. These kitchen remodeling tips will increase your home’s value and allow homebuyers to fall in love with your home!

Light and Bright

You don’t have to gut your whole kitchen to make it suitable for sale. Demolition and rebuilding can be hard on a household and on your wallet. A fresh coat of paint to your cabinets can brighten a room and is a simple weekend project. You will see a major transformation. When choosing your paint color, remember that home buyers generally like symmetric and clean looks. Choose a neutral color for cabinetry so the kitchen appears as a blank canvas for the homebuyer to imagine their own creative touches. Add pocket lightening in your kitchen for a modernized and clean look. Under cabinet lighting updates the kitchen and is an easy DIY project. Replace outdated hardware with modern knobs and handles.


A new backsplash is not expensive and can revamp your whole look. A backsplash pulls the cabinet and countertops together. Subway tiles are always a safe choice when choosing a backsplash and are easy to install yourself. Backsplashes should be kept fairly neutral. The more neutral and elegant the space, the more potential buyers you will attract.


Invest in new appliances. You will not regret this investment. Homebuyers want new appliances without your leftover stains in the fridge. Switch your stovetop to gas because it is a more efficient way of cooking than an electric stovetop. Add a warming drawer. These days, many people are on the go and/or hosting large parties. A warming drawer will save time and keep your tummy happy.


Once your kitchen is remodeled and revamped, give it a good scrub down. Deodorize the inside of your garbage disposal with lemons and clorox, which will give the whole kitchen a clean and inviting smell. Whatever you have kept in your kitchen from previous ownership should be disinfected and pristine clean. New kitchen floors would be ideal, but if that does not fit your budget then make sure to find the appropriate cleaning products to care for them.


Now that your kitchen is updated, a prospective homebuyer will fall in love with its attractive features. We hope we have helped you with these kitchen remodeling tips. Call us to get your fresh looking home on the market!

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