How to Prepare Your Harris County Home to Sell in the Fall

November 03, 2017

How to Prepare Your Harris County Home to Sell in the Fall

Is it time for you to prepare your Harris County home to sell in the fall season? If you are ready to move to a new location this autumn, you will first have to make sure your present home is in the best possible shape. The first impression that you make on a potential home buyer should be of a home and property that are in excellent condition. The more a potential buyer gets the impression that they could move into your property within the hour, the more likely you are to sell your home in a timely fashion.


It’s Time to Prepare Your Harris County Home to Sell


There are a number of considerations that you need to keep in mind when it comes time to prepare your Harris County home to sell in the fall. First of all, you need to empty it as much as possible. If you want the home to sell quickly, get rid of furniture, family photos, kid’s toys, and everything else that screams, “This is someone else’s home.” A potential buyer wants to imagine a new property that is filled with their belongings, not yours. Clear the house so that they can fill it with their own ideas and imagination.


Update and Clean Your Kitchen and Bathrooms


Next to the living room, the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that a potential buyer will want to check out immediately. If these areas are in less than optimal shape, it may be a deal breaker. It’s an excellent idea to get these areas cleaned up, cleared out, and fixed up as soon as possible. Should either area need renovation, such as replacing outdated appliances and furnishings or fixing up cracked tiles, do the work before you show the home to potential home buyers. Remember that uniformity and consistency in style are the bests option here. Such repairs are sure to add value to your home, which means you can ask a little more for it.


Make Sure Your Pavement and Curb are Clean


Another important area to consider is the outside of your home. You’ll need to make sure that your pavement and curb are in tip top condition. These are areas that a potential buyer is bound to take full notice of even before they step into your home. Fall leaves are beautiful but they can stain concrete pavement if they’re not cleaned up. If your driveway or paving stones are in bad condition, hire a pressure washer or restoration expert to fix the issues.


Clean Out Your Gutters and Mow Your Lawn for the Fall Season


Fallen leaves can stop up your gutters and leave branches, twigs, and leaves all over your lawn. You’ll need to clean out your gutters so that this doesn’t occur. Gutter issues will come up in an inspection, so it’s better to resolve these issues on the front end. Meanwhile, you’ll also need to mow and rake your lawn several times this fall in order to get rid of leaves and other debris that will fall from your trees.


Contact a Local Real Estate Agent in Harris County


There is one more thing you need to do once your home is in presentable shape. You will need to contact a local real estate agent in Harris County, GA. How about John Bunn? The sooner you contact us to list your home, the sooner we can show it to your home’s future owner. If you’re thinking about selling your Harris County home this fall, please contact us today.


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