How to Price Your Harris County GA Home to Sell

March 13, 2018

How to Price Your Harris County GA Home to Sell

Moving can be a daunting process. Packing everything you own, preparing for the challenges of a new area, and trying to make your old house look its best all at once are enough to make your head spin. On top of all that, you have to sell your current house. That brings up the tricky question of your asking price. You want to maximize the profit from the sale, but there is always that risk of asking too much and never getting a contract. Whether this is your first time selling or you just need a refresher, here are some helpful tips for how to price your Harris County home to sell.

Look at Comps

The first thing to do is get a sense of reasonable prices for homes like yours. “Comps” are comparable homes—similar size, location, and type to yours, which means they’re also similar in market value. If you’ve hired a real estate agent, he or she has access to databases of comps. You can also spend a few weeks touring other houses and researching past sales before you list an asking price (but is that really the best use of your time?). Make sure you look at completed sales, not just the asking price of other local sellers. Other asking prices give you a sense of the competition but not the true market value.

Consider All the Factors

As you price your Harris County home, a number of factors play into the decision. One is the current status of the housing market. Your home might increase in value as supply decreases, demand increases, or improvements are made to the property over time.


The age, condition, and location of your home also take a role in value. Does your house have a beautiful view of a lake, or do you see the highway out your kitchen window? Things like that will determine how much a buyer expects to pay. You can help increase your home’s value by making needed repairs, adding a new coat of paint, or doing some landscaping to make it more beautiful. Remember your goal is to showcase the particular advantages of the property.


Be Smart

Try to get in a buyer’s head. The people who tour your house do not share all your happy memories from living there, and potential buyers can come up with objections to any piece of property. Ask yourself honestly what you would pay for a place like yours, and remember that most people will forget their complaints if the price is right. You can also make use of online tools that give free price estimates.

Consult Specialists

Finally, remember that a number of experts are available to help with the process. You can hire someone to stage your home so it looks its best for showings. Bring in someone to appraise the property, and listen to their informed opinion. Real estate agents bring a lot to the table, including years of experience selling homes in Harris County, access to databases of past sales in the area and experience making homes appealing to sell.


As you prepare to sell, hire a Harris County real estate agent to help in the process. We would love to share our expertise and experience with you to make the process as easy as possible. Reach out today and take the first steps towards selling your house!


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