Real Estate Blues: 4 Tips to Sell Your Home in Harris County, GA

April 04, 2015



As we’ve discussed before, a home’s days on market is a valuable statistic gauging how others perceive an available listing. As a listing’s days on market increases, buyers may begin wondering if there is something wrong with the property itself.

The most obvious reason why real estate in Harris County, GA does not sell is because of the price. While that may factor in a home staying on the market, it isn’t the only reason keeping a home from being sold.


You can have all the numbers and details properly filled out on your home’s online profile at Zillow or Redfin. But low quality photos will turn buyers off.

Curb appeal is a topic that will come up later, so let’s broadly define it as a first impression. Even though a potential buyer isn’t physically at your home, your online photos are a digital curb appeal that can decide whether they look deeper into browsing your listing.

There’s a few simple fixes here: first, the more photos you put up, the better. Second, make sure you have proper lighting in your pictures, especially in your home where the details won’t appear in the dark (besides, Harris County, GA has beautiful lighting to show off in your real estate photos).

Speaking of details, pay attention to what’s going on in the background. Is the toilet seat up? Is there clutter in the room?

And lastly, no matter how much you love your pets, remove them from online listings.


Many homeowners will try to sell their house with no real estate agent in an effort to save money. That’s the thought, anyway.

Real estate agents have three distinct advantages over selling a home on your own: agents have a process of selling homes, a wider platform in marketing your home (real estate agents have access to multiple listing services in addition to online sites like Trulia and Zillow), and a built in client base.

A major reason why your home continues to sit on the market might not be that there’s something wrong with it. Instead, the reason could be that potential buyers don’t know it’s available in the first place. Hiring a good real estate agent can fix this issue.


No matter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or square footage, buying a home boils down to an emotional decision. As we talked above, first impressions, or curb appeal, matters.

Creating a welcoming first impression is an easy fix. Start by clearing the clutter from the front yard and cleaning windows. A further step would be adding colorful flowers to the lawn. As Lisa Piper from says, “Cleaning up the interior or exterior by painting…can make a big difference”.

Curb appeal is an art in itself, especially in a place as photogenic as homes in Harris County, GA. It’s a topic I’ll be sure to cover with more detail in the future.


You want to make buyers imagine themselves living inside your space. This means removing personal items like photos or memorabilia with the goal of keeping your home as generic as possible.

You could also repaint walls to neutral colors. And be sure to get rid of extra clutter, which could have the added effect of making your space looks bigger.

What are some details that helped sell your home? Call me at 706.662.0125, or email me today! And be sure to check out my available listings in Harris County, GA for Waddell Realty.

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