Small Home Makeover Tips on a Budget in Harris County, GA

January 07, 2015

home makeover budget


Having worked as a real estate agent in Harris County, GA, for over 25 years, I’ve seen all sorts of ways my clients try to makeover or remodel their homes.

There’s many types of home makeovers. Some projects are as big as remodeling a kitchen or restroom, or focusing on curb appeal in preparation for putting your home on the market.

The topic of larger, thousand dollar projects will be for another time. Today, we’ll focus on home makeovers on a budget, and getting the most out of your dollar.


Replacing your front door will go far in improving your home’s curb appeal. But we’re working with a budget, so instead, a smaller project like repainting your front door can have a similar effect of sprucing up the entry to your home for the outside point of view.

On the same subject, you can also repaint your house numbers for extra visibility. And replacing your outdoor lighting is also a great, and cheap way, of giving your home a new glow.


Repainting your cabinets is the cheapest way of adding new life to the room you spend most of your time in. The easiest change is going from dark colors to lightening up the space with a lighter shade.

Other cheap improvements include getting a new backsplash, or replacing a faucet. And lastly, on a health related front, de-clutter your kitchen counter: a study found that people ate 44% more in disorganized spaces. The smallest changes can have a huge impact.


Harris County, GA is known for its beautiful Southern light. And studies show that natural light indoors decreases stress.

By re-hanging your curtains higher and wider than the frame, you can not only get positive health benefits from letting in the Georgia light – it can also make your room feel taller. Even something as simple as adjusting your curtain rods can add sophistication to each room.


In 2015, I want you to have the goal of reclaiming and simplifying your bedroom as a place you sleep. This means getting rid of anything that isn’t there to help you sleep or relax – especially the TV, or any other screens you keep in the room.

Like the front door and kitchen cabinets, repainting the bedroom can do wonders to giving it a fresh look. A new duvet cover is another cheap way of changing the mood in your bedroom.

But most of all, focus on sleep.

Start off the year on the right foot by adding new life to your house on a budget through repainting or reorganizing your rooms. There’s plenty of ways to find inspiration, especially through Pinterest. Your home, and your happiness, will thank you.

Are you interested in other home makeover tips on a budget, or larger projects in the Harris County, GA area? Contact me at 706.662.0125, or email me today!

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