Small Town Life in Harris County

October 29, 2015

Small Town Life

When people think about moving to areas outside of big cities, like Atlanta, they think they’ll be moving to Snoresville. There has been a negative connotation about small town life that is wrong and just plain unfair. Sure the cities of Harris County don’t have the Atlanta nightlife or a high-end shopping mall like Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, but that doesn’t mean that our cities are boring. Small town life is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. It will give you a sense of freedom like you have never known before and you’ll never want to go back to the big city. Also, the new homes in larger cities are so close together, you could reach out of your window and touch your neighbor’s house. We don’t have that issue in our neck of the woods. In addition to having more space, our small cities have many other things that large cities don’t have: less traffic, less crime, a lower cost of living, and a true sense of community. 

You want to know the best thing about living in smaller cities and towns like Hamilton, West Point, and Pine Mountain? Life is simply easier and the scenic views help you to relax. Big cities tear down historic structures to make way for commercial real estate and million dollar high rise condos; the cities end up losing their identity and become known for all of the wrong things. Small cities embrace their history and it’s apparent in the city structures and in the way we treat each other. There’s nothing wrong with living in large cities, but there’s nothing like small town living.

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