What to do before buying a house? (Part 3)

October 05, 2016

What to do before buying a house? If you have watched Part I + Part II of “What to do before buying a house” you have learned that you should get pre-qualified (I would recommend a local lender), determine the area you would like to live (consider schools and quality of life), find a local […]

What to do before buying a house? (Part 2)

October 04, 2016

  What to do before buying a home? In Part I I talked about how you should 1st get pre-qualified (preferrably with a local lender), then 2nd decide on the area you would like to live in and 3rd find a local Realtor that knows the area! In Part II I talk about how you […]

What to do before buying a house?

September 29, 2016

What to do before buying a house?  If  you are thinking about buying a home there are a few things to be considered before starting your search! Today I would like to talk about the first steps you should take before purchasing a home. First you should look at your budget and find a local […]

Your Home for Sale: Home Staging 101

October 23, 2015

Home staging is absolutely worth every penny in the home selling process. Some people can walk through an empty house and see the home’s potential, but there are others who need help envisioning themselves in a home and the best way to help them is through staging. According to the University of Alabama, 65 percent […]

A Family Guide: Tips For Moving to Harris County GA

June 12, 2015

Moving is one of those things that many people try to avoid like the plague. The fact that it’s both time-consuming and tedious makes it one of the worst experiences ever. We can’t promise that after reading this, you’ll learn to love moving but what we can promise is that if you follow these tips […]

Various Harris County GA Home Styles

June 04, 2015

Homes in Harris County are very diverse in style, layout/floor plan, and architecture. Beautiful, well-built homes can be available at surprisingly affordable prices. Let’s explore the various Harris County GA home styles and maybe you can find the style that fits your needs. THE EXTERIOR Most homes in Harris County GA are Craftsman style homes. […]

4 Easy Tips to Staging Your Home in Harris County, GA

May 21, 2015

CREATE EMOTIONS WHEN STAGING A HOME IN HARRIS COUNTY, GA We’ve previously discussed the importance of curb appeal and minor renovation ideas that can pay big dividends in order to sell a home in the Harris County, GA real estate market. These aspects of selling a home emphasize getting buyers to engage with your property. […]

A Guide to Summer in Harris County, GA

May 19, 2015

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy this summer in and around Harris County, GA. From golf to hiking, kayaking to hunting, there’s something to do every day – no matter what your passion is. An easy way to keep track of happenings is to look at a calendar like the one located on […]

What’s In a Number? The Difference Between Assessed, Appraised, and Market Value in Harris County, GA

March 27, 2015

UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ASSESSED, APPRAISED, and MARKET VALUE IN HARRIS COUNTY, GA Say you’re looking for a new home to move your family and fell in love with a beautiful three bedroom, two bathroom home in Pine Mountain. After you discuss your plans with a real estate agent in Harris County, GA, you decide […]

A Short History of Harris County, GA

March 05, 2015

  HARRIS COUNTY, GA HAS A UNIQUE AND VARIED HISTORY Harris County, GA has great breweries, top notch steakhouses and beautiful places to get married. But Harris County, GA also has a diverse history that has contributed to the unique quality of the region. Harris County was officially created on December 14th, 1827 and named […]

The Pitfalls of Pricing Too High in Harris County, GA

February 13, 2015

CAN REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN HARRIS COUNTY, GA PRICE HOMES TOO HIGH? From location, to the number of acres, to the school district, there are many factors that influence how real estate agents and individual sellers determine the price of homes in Harris County, GA. Price is obviously an influence as sellers want to maximize […]