What to do before buying a house?

September 29, 2016

What to do before buying a house?  If  you are thinking about buying a home there are a few things to be considered before starting your search! Today I would like to talk about the first steps you should take before purchasing a home. First you should look at your budget and find a local […]

How To Use Social Media to Sell a Home

October 16, 2015

Of course you wouldn’t post a few pictures of your home on Facebook with a “For Sale” caption and call it a day. Using social media to sell a home is just one way to market your home; it cannot replace real estate agents and tried and true methods of selling real estate. It isn’t […]

What’s In a Rating? The Energy Efficient Homes of Harris County, GA

April 27, 2015

NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HOMES IN HARRIS COUNTY ARE ENERGY EFFICIENT Sales for newly constructed homes are projected to increase. There are many reasons for the popularity of new constructions, from buyers being able to customize their new homes to saving on maintenance costs. Another hidden advantage of a newly constructed home is that many fall under […]