From an early age, I have always been interested in where I lived and the homes of friends and family. Looking back to my early childhood, I never thought I would be helping friends, families and individuals move into a home that I helped them find.

The idea of home holds a special place in my heart. My father and mother found a home in Columbus after my dad retired from the army, where I was commonly referred to as an Army brat. We had lived in Germany and other duty stations around the world, but Fort Benning was my father’s last duty stationed, so he decided Columbus would be a good place to retire, raise a family and call home.

My father Ed Bunn always dreamed of being a farmer, so he purchase a farm land in Harris County. With that, we moved from our home at 3030 Patten Drive, Columbus to Hoody Hudson Road, Cataula, Georgia in the mid 60’s.

Today, with almost 27 years of selling real estate, I enjoy living and working in Harris County. Living in Harris County and watching Max & Jenine from pre-K to graduation at Harris County High, my quality of life was far superior in my opinion. We are blessed in Harris County with some of the best schools in the state of Georgia, and as we know, schools are the number one attribute prospective buyers investigate when deciding on a new home.

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