Various Harris County GA Home Styles

June 04, 2015

Homes in Harris County are very diverse in style, layout/floor plan, and architecture. Beautiful, well-built homes can be available at surprisingly affordable prices. Let’s explore the various Harris County GA home styles and maybe you can find the style that fits your needs.


Most homes in Harris County GA are Craftsman style homes. They’re made of natural materials like stones and bricks, providing the home with strong and secure bones. Safety is a characteristic that’s stressed in the construction of the homes out here. 


There are both one and two level homes for you to choose from and most of them come with spacious front and back yards so your family can stretch out. Harris County is the ideal area for growing and active families. Parents can sit on the featured wide front porch or covered back patio and sip on some lemonade while their kids grow up before their eyes.

You don’t have to worry about your car being damaged by inclement weather because most of the home styles in Harris County have side entrance garages big enough to fit multiple cars. Windows are plentiful as you tour the perimeter of the homes because we want you to see the great views that Harris County has to offer.

Summer time is fun time here in Harris County. Some homes come with a sunroom, which you can use to grow your own vegetables. Many houses feature backyard swimming pools as well. Whether you’re doing cannonballs or relaxing on a hammock, most Harris County homes are made for enjoying nature.


The interior home styles of our homes here in Harris County are second to none. The floor plans come in hardwood, tile and carpet, and most homes have some sort of combination. Most homes feature carpet for the bedrooms, hardwoods for the kitchen and other living rooms, and tiles for the bathroom.

The top homes in the county feature kitchens with beautiful granite countertops, wooden cabinets, and uniform stainless steel appliances. The master bathrooms typically come with separate standing showers and Jacuzzi tubs. Two-sink, his/hers bathroom counters are also available in the master bathrooms if you’re like me and don’t like sharing.

Have a big family? Don’t sweat it. Our premium and luxury homes have 6+ bedrooms and 4+ bathrooms. The master bedroom is how it should be, large yet cozy for the lovely couple. The spacious basements and roomy attics are available for you to store more of your personal belongings (if the basement isn’t finished of course).

Many of the homes in Harris County feature living rooms with wood-burning fireplaces for when the cold weather starts to bite. An open fire will make a new house feel like home faster than ever.

One element that is unique to Harris County are the large two acre home sites for new subdivisions. In most cases moving to Harris County new owners will enjoy the peacefulness and the seclusion of a two acre wooded lot or larger. The beautiful large wooded lots compliment the many different architectural styles.

Though the home styles are diverse, they all mostly cater to family and nature. If you think the home styles here in Harris County are for you, then feel free to contact us today. We’ll help you pick the best house for your family for decades of enjoyment.

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