What to do before buying a house? (Part 3)

October 05, 2016

What to do before buying a house?

If you have watched Part I + Part II of “What to do before buying a house” you have learned that you should get pre-qualified (I would recommend a local lender), determine the area you would like to live (consider schools and quality of life), find a local Realtor that knows the area, figure out your must-haves such as # of bedrooms/baths and all the other important factors that you want in a home (Sqft, stories, lot size, garage, fence, hardwood floors etc etc).

Make sure you share all these factors with your Realtor so he/she can show you homes that fit your needs.

Once you have found your dream home it’s time to make an offer! Let’s talk about important items that should be on a sales agreement and what to do before and at closing.

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